What If $25 Worth Of Flyers (Placed Strategically Around Your City) Could Bring You Over $4,000 In Dog Training Clients?

I was on vacation walking around the city with my wife.

Not my city, but another city. One of the famous ones with a river walk and trendy restaurants.

We stopped into a frou-frou pet store. You know the type: Over-priced plush pet toys and leashes with jewels on them.

As we walked out I noticed a flyer advertising a local dog training business.

It was bad… Really bad.

Their business name was at the top of the flyer. And then it merely listed the services they offered. There was an email at the bottom and link to their Facebook page (big mistake!)

I pulled the flyer off the cork board and stuffed it in my coat pocket.

Later while we were having lunch  I rewrote the flyer and then took a picture of it and emailed it to the dog training business owner.

“Fix this. And this. And this.”

I had scribbled all over the flyer with a red pen

I didn’t expect to hear a reply, but whatever.

I had done my “good deed” of the month.

Six Weeks Later I Received A Phone Call…

It was the dog trainer from the river walk.

“I made the changes to my flyer that you suggested,” she said.

“And?” I replied, curious to hear how it worked.

“I signed $4,000 in new business– just two days after making the changes!” she said excitedly.

“How many calls were you getting from your old flyer?” I asked.

“Virtually none,” she replied.

I smiled.

I didn’t invent this stuff. They’re copywriting secrets that have been around for decades. I just learned them and used ’em.


Because they work.

But you don’t need to spend months reading Gary Halbert, John Caples or Eugene Schwartz. (You’ll likely be bored to tears, anyway!)

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to oversell my approach to flyers…

They don’t always generate an immediate flood of clients.

You might put one in a feed store and only get one or two leads a year from it.

But if you’re gonna use flyers– this is far and away the best approach.

Sidebar: If you’re looking for a flood of new clients, get in touch with me about my “Done For You” Google Adwords Management For Dog Trainers.

However, Adwords isn’t cheap. Flyers are.

Flyers should be the icing on the cake when it comes to your marketing strategy… not the cake itself.

Use them to:

  • Put ’em up at pet stores
  • Put ’em up at feed stores
  • Leave ’em around town; At your mechanic’s shop, on the post-it board at the REI Coop, or at the gym.
  • Hand ’em out at the dog park
  • Give them to people when you work home shows, gun shows or dog events


In this training (two streaming videos totaling approximately 50 minutes) you will learn:

  • How to use a free tool to design your own flyer (So simple to use, even a nine year-old can do it.)
  • The psychological triggers that need to be in your flyer to get ’em to call
  • The right type of attention-getting headline to use on your flyer (most people stupidly plaster their company name across the entire top of their flyers– don’t do that!)
  • How to write “bullet points” for your flyer
  • Why testimonials are important and how to include them on your flyer
  • Incorporating trust building elements
  • How to write a strong call to action
  • Why including a picture of a small telephone is absolutely necessary

You will get:

(2) Unlimited access to two streaming training videos (aproximately 50 minutes)

(1) Flyer to model in pdf version

(1) Flyer in graphic (png) format– because sometimes a png image is easier than pdf

Invest In This Training To Learn How To Create Your Own “Dog Training Flyer That Gets ‘Em To Call”

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