From Living In His Car To
Dog Training Millionaire...

Closson-InterviewJim Closson has an amazing story: He lost everything… twice. Then he went from (literally) living in his car to making over $200,000 a month with his dog training business.

Yes… you read that correctly: $200,000+ a month training dogs!

And he did it in Boise, Idaho.

Not New York. Not Beverly Hills. Not Malibu.

Boise… Idaho.

Wanna know how he did it?


This “Tell-All” 2+ Hour Interview Reveals
How He Went From Living In His Car
To Dog Training Millionaire


Yes, that’s right: For over two hours, Jim let me ask him anything.

And boy did I go deep.

He revealed:

  • How he went from living in his car to making over $200,000 a month
  • What he discovered in a public library when he was dead broke that ended up catapulting him to success
  • Jim’s mindset: He reveals what’s necessary to succeed in the dog training business
  • How he answers the phone when desperate dog owners call him
  • Where he advertises his dog training business
  • How he gets free radio and TV coverage (and got asked to do a regular spot on his local news channel!)
  • The way Jim structures his dog training programs
  • A subtle, subliminal sales technique he always uses to get dog owners to choose his higher priced programs
  • What he reads to stay motivated and fine-tune his business. Hint: He has a library of our 1,200 books!
  • How he structures the dog training programs he offers
  • His pricing strategy for upselling his clients into higher priced programs
  • The one book that opened Jim’s eyes to getting the most out of his dog training business
  • How he screens price shoppers, tire kickers and those dog owners who just don’t have the money for his products or services
  • What made Jim first realize he could make money training dogs
  • How he structured his business when he first started
  • The way he structures his business now
  • The products and equipment he offers his clients (the way he does this is ingenious!)
  • His advice for running an in-person consultation or demo
  • What types of dog training programs to offer
  • Jim’s favorite non-paid ways to get desperate dog owners to call him
  • How his receptionist makes sure dog owners show up for their appointments
  • How to prevent employees from quitting and becoming competitors
  • Which media gets him the most leads
  • Where he sees his business in five years
  • Why he has absolutely no fear about the future
  • His greatest strengths and biggest weakness
  • The business Jim would be in if he wasn’t a dog trainer
  • His biggest surprise about the dog training industry
  • What he’s doing now to grow his dog training business


What You’ll Get


The full 2+-hour “Tell-All” interview I did with Jim in streaming flash video. We used webcams to record this interview and it came out great. Jim is sitting in his office in Boise while I’m sitting in my office in Reno. You’ll get to watch as two master dog trainers talk about everything you need to know about how Jim went from living in his car to being a dog training millionaire.

You’ll also get the full interview in Mp3 format, so you can download it to your phone or your mp3 player and listen to it while you’re walking your dog or cleaning or running on the treadmill at the gym.


“I met Jim when he came to Michael’s School to give our business class 3 years ago. There have been times I’ve asked him to be my coach but just didn’t have the money for it. but I wanted to able to have this program to go back and listen to this and just get motivated by it. He’s a true inspiration to me.” – Cameron Davis. 


Watch “The Jim Closson Interview” Today


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