Mastering The In-Person Dog Training Consultation: How To Get Dog Owners To Pay
What You’re (Really) Worth


The Dog Training Pitch

Stop Struggling With What To Say And Use My Time-Tested Script To Become A Dog Training Sales Superstar!

(You’ll Never Have To Guess What To Say
During An In-Person Dog Training Consultation, Ever Again)

Carla said, “Look– we don’t need the money. We’ve got three other businesses that are doing just fine.”

“You’re right,” I said. “I’m just going to start asking for “stupid” money. I don’t care if anybody signs up for our dog training program or not, I’m tired.”

Over the next couple of weeks, I started going crazy with my sales pitch. I didn’t care anymore if they signed or not, so I was free. Free to start using every sales tactic I could think of: Take-aways, The Law of Reciprocity, Bandwagon, Higher Authority, Limited Time Offers, Testimonials… and many other techniques. I tried them all and I mixed and matched.

And at the end of each day, I’d take notes. I’d track which things worked and which things didn’t work. Every time something succeeded or garnered a positive response, I’d keep it in my sales pitch. If it didn’t work, I’d toss it.

At the time our programs were $1,000 for three private lessons and then 1 year’s access to our group classes. (Most people would get their issue solved and never even show up for the group classes!)

Now, whether you charge $3,000 for a board & train or $1,000 for what basically came to three hours of private lessons doesn’t matter. The concepts work the same.

But for $1,000 a dog…

“Some Days I Would Make
$3,000… Even Before Lunch.”

The money started pouring in like crazy. I actually had to stop my postcard campaigns, shutter my ads and set my Google Adwords campaign down to $1 a day because I was signing more clients than I could handle.

Or that I wanted to handle, anyway. With my other businesses to oversee, I could only do so much by myself or else I’d need to hire an employee. (And I hate employees!)

People were starting to refer their friends. I couldn’t believe it: They saw so much value in what I was doing– even at $1,000+ a dog– that they were referring their friends.

Young people in beat-to-hell import cars would somehow come up with the money. Retired people would come up with the money. Guys and gals in the military would come up with the money. The price just didn’t seem to bother them– they wanted what I was selling. And as long as I stuck to the pitch that I had created, the phrase: “Take My Money!” was something I began to hear, a lot.

Shut up and take my money

“I had discovered how to get dog owners to open their wallets…”

And so I continued to tweak and refine my sales system so that I could eventually utter it in my sleep, word-for-word. As long as I followed my system, I made money.

Any Dog Trainer Can Do This… Even If You’re A Purely Positive Trainer Or A Balanced Trainer

Eventually I got tired of the business and dealing with dog owners– especially when I had migraines. So, I sold the company to one of my rockstar clients who was interested in becoming a professional dog trainer.

I taught her my pitch… and now she too is successfully signing clients for $1,000+ a dog.

And as long as you don’t live in Reno, Nevada– I’m willing to teach you, too.

If you’re a competent dog trainer and if you learn my In-person Consultation Script/Pitch, then you too will be able to sign clients for $1,000+ a dog. I’ve put my entire pitch online and it shows you everything you need to replicate my success.

  • How to use the Law of Reciprocity to make them want to give you their money.
  • Nine words that “close the deal” in a way that’s low pressure but get’s them to sign on the dotted line… almost every time!
  • How to position yourself as the expert so that your clients look up to you!
  • Why “acting like a salesman” will ruin your chances of selling your dog training services
  • How to identify their emotional “hot button” words to make ’em say, “Take my money!”
  • When and how to talk about features vs. benefits. (This can kill a sale!)
  • The psychology of the “Take-Away” and how to use it to make them beg you to sign them
  • The importance of using a “flip book” to get them to visualize their dog’s future good behavior
  • The actual word-for-word script of what I say from the moment they walk in the door to the second they sign on the dotted line.


Why You Won’t Learn This Anywhere Else

  • You could try to figure it out for yourself. But you’ll be wasting valuable time and pissing away money on good prospective clients while the dog trainer on the other side of town (who may be using my script) is signing client after client.
  • You could go to a weekend sales seminar. But guess what? Those “How To Make Sales” seminars and courses are generic in nature. They don’t understand the mindset of dog owners. And while sales psychology is universal, the application of those principles to your dog training business is still something that will take you months and months to figure out on your own. If ever.
  • You could learn from one of the “Dog Training Gurus”. Let’s be honest: Most of those guys are fakers and wannabes. I’ve got t-shirt that have been in the dog training business longer than they have. You don’t learn how to master this industry by watching a few Gary Vaynerchuk videos and then, “just working harder.” You have to work smarter, not harder.


“… has more than tripled my gross revenue …”

“Buy anything and everything Adam puts out. His marketing information has more than tripled my gross revenue. It’s no baloney/real-deal stuff.” — Mike Wheeler, Owner of Sit Means Sit Madison, Sit Means Sit Kenosha and Sit Means Sit Miami

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“If you want to dominate your local market, Adam’s marketing material is exactly what you need!” — Lianne Shinton, Owner of IQ K9 Training, Oceanside-California

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“The return-on-investment for Adam’s marketing material is infinite. You simply can’t go wrong.” — Paul Pollock, Owner of Sit Means Sit Tampa and Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron


Here’s What You’ll Get


Watch As I Reveal The Psychology Behind How To Run Your Consultations

1.) Psychology of the Pitch (and how to run your consultations)– Streaming Videos with unlimited access: I break down the psychology behind the “pitch” and how to run your consultations. I go line by line, telling you why each element is important from a psychology, persuasion and sales perspective. This is important because you need to understand why the different parts of the consultation and pitch work, in order to truly become a master at selling your dog training services.

2.) The Printed (Downloadable PDF) version of the Pitch: You’ll receive access to the full text, word-for-word, of exactly what I tell dog owners from the minute they walk in the door to signing on the dotted line. You’ll want to print this out and put it on your bathroom mirror and read it while you’re getting ready in the morning. Stick it to the side of the refrigerator and practice it while you’re cooking dinner. Study this and memorize it, as it is the single most important element of your success in signing dog owners for $1,000+ a dog.

You Also Get To Hear Exactly How I Deliver My Pitch

3.) Audio version: You’ll get the MP3 of the pitch so you can listen to it while you’re jogging or at the gym or in your car. You will HEAR exactly how I deliver the “pitch” in my own words. It’s like sitting in the same room with me while I deliver my sales spiel. You’ll be able to internalize my exact pacing and intonation. By hearing the “pitch” exactly as it should be delivered, you’re training both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to deliver it the same way I do: The way that gets you $1,000+ a dog.

Get “Mastering The In-Person
Dog Training Consultation” Today

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P.S. This info-product won’t be available forever. At some point I’ll take it down to focus on other projects. So, If you want to learn how to master the in-person dog training consultation, sell more clients and you want to grow your dog training business fast, take advantage of this special introductory offer and get this program now.