“Is It Possible To Make A Six-Figure Part-Time Income Training Dogs… Without Paying For Advertising?”


Larry Krohn does.

He makes six figures a year from his one-person dog training business… and he only works at it part time! (He’s a federal law enforcement agent when he’s not training dogs!)

And he does all of this while being married to a beautiful wife (he says that she’s responsible for most of his success!) raising two adorable kids and engaging with a social media following that routinely gets 100,000+ views on some of his videos.

If you watch enough of Larry’s videos, you’ll start to feel like you know him personally. He’s got the type of personality that is easy to find rapport with.

When we recorded this interview (below) I already felt like we were good friends– even though we’d never talked live before.

Larry Doesn’t Advertise His Dog Training Business

You’re probably thinking that it’s odd for a guy like me who runs Google Adwords campaigns for dog trainers to be interviewing… a fella who doesn’t pay for advertising to promote his dog training business.

Well, that’s why I wanted to interview Larry: He has figured it out.

Almost all of his clients come from his social media and Youtube videos. Despite being a self-described tech know-nothing, he certainly seems to have figured it out.

There’s a lesson in that: Just do it. Take action, even if you don’t feel like you’ve got all the answers.

Now, would paid advertising get Larry even more business?

Of course, but that’s not the point.

Larry has figured out what works for him and I’m excited to see what the future holds for his continuing career as a professional dog trainer, speaker, seminar-giver and social media sensation.

“I’m pleased to share this interview with you. After you watch it, I think it will be obvious why Larry has become such a popular social media sensation among professional dog trainers: He’s knowledgeable, articulate and it’s apparent that he loves what he does. Enjoy.”

— Adam G. Katz, BrowningDirect.com 
The Dog Trainer Marketing Agency

To connect with Larry on Facebook, visit: https://www.facebook.com/larry.krohn.9

To check out Larry’s Youtube videos, visit: his Youtube channel here.