Wait! Before Running A Google Ads Campaign...

I’m going to connect you with the best Google Ads manager in the entire dog training industry.

But first…

If your dog training website is crappy … you’re going to be wasting
a lot of money on your Google Ads campaigns. I don’t want you to do that!!

At $2 – $6+ per click… Google Ads are expensive.

Yes– they work, but they’re expensive.

If your website isn’t dialed in you’re going to be pissing money away.

Here’s what I’ve found: If you can get 1 in 5 people who land on your website to call you… instead of 1 in 10 … (or 1 in 50 if you’ve built your own crappy website!) then you’ll be in a much better position when you do start running Google Ads.

And that’s why I recommend you use our “Done For You” Dog Training Business Website first… before signing up with Brendon to run Google Ads for you.

Don’t waste your hard earned money!! Get your website squared away, first.

Read more about our “Done For You” Dog Training Business website offer, here


If you’ve already got a website that does a good job of converting cold traffic into hot leads then click here to learn who I recommend to run your Google Ads campaigns.