Our “Done For You” Facebook Advertising Brings You More Clients

Desperate Dog Owners In Your City Are Hanging Out On Facebook. Here’s How To Get Them To Book Dog Training Consultations With You…


By Adam G. Katz, CEO of Browning Direct, Inc.

I had been trying to use Facebook’s ad platform to get new dog training clients for quite some time. I was impressed with how many leads I was able to generate– but there was one major problem: The lead quality sucked.

It took a lot of testing to figure out how to make it work and get good quality leads… and I finally did it.

And just to make sure, I recently spent a good chunk of money from my own pocket to test these Facebook ad campaigns in just one more market.  


All Advertising Is A Test And I Wanted To Make Sure This Flood Of Desperate Dog Owners Wasn’t Just A Fluke…


One of my ad agency clients down in New Orleans, Louisiana, let me use her as a test candidate. She owns several successful dog training locations and is very good at tracking and following up with leads. After we ran the campaigns I dashed off an email to confirm that the lead quality was good:


Her response: “Yes!! The lead quality was very good!”


“Finally!” I thought to myself.

This new 100% “Done For You” Facebook Advertising service is a great way to add yet another source of hot leads from desperate dog owners to your arsenal of lead sources. It can be used as a stand-alone service or to supplement the leads you’re already getting from our Expert Google Adwords management service for dog trainers.


“How Will I Receive The Leads?”


By email.

See, the desperate dog owners in your city are seeing the Facebook ad for a free consultation (either in-person or over the phone, your choice. Whatever works best for your dog training business) and they are filling out a contact form with their contact information and that information will be sent to you in real time.

They won’t be calling you. Unlike Google Ads, these are 100% email/contact form leads. You’ll need to follow up with them. Sometimes several times. That’s just the way it is with contact form e-mail leads.

[Edit: Some may end up on your home page after filling out the contact form and then call you– but the vast majority will be email leads that you’ll need to follow up with.]


“Are These Exclusive Leads Or Am I Sharing These Leads With Other Dog Trainers In My City?”


Exclusive leads. Nobody sees them except you.


“Will I Receive The Leads In Real Time?”


Yes. We link up the Facebook Ad campaign to Zapier, which then checks with Facebook every 15 minutes and then forwards the leads. The alternative would be having to login once a day and download the leads… which doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Zapier service by itself would be a separate fee but we include it with our service. 


“How Many Leads Can I Expect To Receive Over A 30 Day Period?”


Hard to say. My guess is approximately 30 to 40+ leads per month. (This guess turned out to be spot-on). Possibly more. One of my test campaigns in a medium size market brought in 104 leads over a 30 day period. Will that happen for you? Probably not. But we won’t know until we start running the campaigns in your city. Over the course of a month you should be looking at a 5-15X return on investment (ROI) ideally.


“Will I Be Able To Log Into Facebook And See How The Campaigns Are Setup?”


Heck no! There is a proprietary nature to how we setup and run these campaigns. It took a lot of time and effort to figure this out and I’m not going to let somebody sign up for a month and then steal my jealously guarded Facebook ad campaign techniques.


“Can I At Least See What The Ad Looks Like? IE, What My Prospective Clients Will See?”


Yes, of course. Before we turns the ad campaigns on, we’ll send you a screen shot of the ad.


“Is There A Guarantee These Facebook Ads Will Work For Me?”


Nope. It took a lot of testing before I was finally comfortable offering this service to the dog training community. So obviously I think there is a good chance that these Facebook Ads will work for you. I’ve been running online ad campaigns since pretty much the beginning of the internet. Just one of my online projects made us over 6 million dollars. It paid off the house, three cars and funded an investment account. But all marketing is a test and there are no guarantees of anything. If you’re wondering if you should spend your last $1100 on this or instead buy food for your baby… don’t be an idiot! Buy the baby food and go get a job!

You should be investing approximately 10% of your revenue into testing new lead sources, anyway. Our 100% “Done For You’ Facebook ad program has a very good chance of being successful and is worth testing. But let’s be honest… all advertising is a test at first.


“Should I Do Facebook Ads Or Google Ads, First?”


Google Ads require a slightly larger up-front investment. But Google Ads have been around a lot longer and the quality of leads from search marketing is almost always better because people are actively searching for what you have to offer. Also– I’m pretty sure that Google Ads are here to stay.

That being said: Facebook Ads are more of a gamble but less of an upfront investment. I’m also not sure how long Facebook Ads will continue to work. They’re working now but will they still be working a year from now? Three years from now? Hard to say.

The trick with business is to test as many ways as you can find to get quality leads to contact you. Never be dependent on only one lead source. Facebook Ads are a great way to diversify your lead flow and right now they’re still relatively affordable.


“Do You Only Take One Client Per City, Like You Do With Your Google Adwords Management Service?”


No, this is a different type of advertising. It’s push marketing, not pull marketing. It isn’t as “zero sum game” as it is with Google Ads. Because of this, we’ll likely end up taking 2-3 clients in some markets, but each will have independent, separate campaigns and receive different leads.


“How Much Is This Investment In My Dog Training Business? How Much Does It Cost?”


It’s $1,100/month, cancel anytime. That includes our management fee, the ad spend that goes to Facebook as well as the Zapier service, which connects with the Facebook campaigns every 15 minutes and then forwards the leads directly to you. It’s a 100% “Done For You Service”. As mentioned above, you should likely receive at least 30-40+ leads per month. It’s entirely possibly you receive 70-80+ leads per month though. Every market is different in my experience and until we run the campaign in your market, it’s hard to predict. That’s why I don’t lock you into a long term contract. Our contract is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.


“How Much Of My $1,100 Goes Toward The Facebook Ad Spend And How Much Goes To You Guys?”


Depends. Typically $600 goes toward the ad spend budget. The rest goes to Zapier and the account management. Our main goal is to make sure you’re happy with the results and feel you’re getting good value for your money. I’m not interested in having you spend $1,100 with us for one month. I want you to spend $1,100 a month with us for the next 100 months.


“Couldn’t I Just Run Facebook Ads Myself?”


Yes, of course. Good luck.

The secret to being successful in business is to focus on what you’re good at and then hire subject matter experts to do what you’re not good at. Or what you don’t like doing, yourself. That’s where we come in.


“Will You Provide Some Type Of Reporting?”


No. Client reporting makes sense if you’re running SEO campaigns where you’re tracking the movement of thousands of keyword rankings every month. For Facebook ad campaigns the only metrics that are important on the client side are: 1. What are you spending? 2. How many leads did you receive? 3. How many of those leads sold? If your revenue from the ad campaigns exceeds the investment by at least 3X, then it probably makes sense to continue running the campaigns. If not, then shut it down and deploy the money elsewhere.


“I’m Just Starting My Business And I’ve Never Sold A Dog Training Program Before. Is This For Me?”


I can’t answer that for you. But I can tell you that your average program should sell for at least $1000. Even better if your average program sells for $1500+. I look at advertising in the dog training industry like this: You should only need to sell one or two dog training programs and then everything else that comes through from your advertising campaign for the month should be “gravy”.

So, if your average program is only $400… you probably need to work on putting together higher priced programs first.


“I’m Looking To Grow My Dog Training Business. Will This Help?”


In order to grow a dog training business, the most important thing is that you’re getting as many desperate dog owners to contact you. People with money in hand, who need help. So, your goal should be to make out every possible way possible to get more leads. Facebook Ads (at least the way we do it) seem to provide that.


“How Do I Get Started?”


Step 1: Click here to fill out our contract. It basically describes everything you read above. (It’s a 30 day contract that auto renews every month. Cancel anytime).

At the bottom it will ask you for your billing information. Fill it out then press the submit button.



Step 2: Send me an email at: adam@browningdirect.com to make arrangements to give me your credit card information.


Step 3: We’ll start working on your campaigns. Plan on giving us 7 days to get everything ready to roll, but I’m notorious for under promising and over delivering. So, it’s possible we’ll be ready to roll in 3-4 days. Your credit card will be charged when we begin building your campaigns.


Step 4: Start checking your email for leads. Once the campaigns are built and turned on you, should begin getting emails from desperate dog owners the very first day.


To Your Success,

Adam G. Katz
Browning Direct, Inc.


P.S. Our 100% “Done For You” Facebook Ad Campaigns are exactly what you need to turbo charge your dog training business and start getting even more desperate dog owners to contact you.