Use This Dog Training Business Contract  To Cover Your Tail…

Dog Training Contract

This is the very same contract I’ve used for years with my own dog training companies. Never had a problem with it.

Some of the features that make this contract stand out:

  • A check box affirming that client’s dog has all its shots and vaccinations.
  • No cash refunds
  • Release of all liability
  • Dog owner is responsible for dog at all times.
  • Recently added: A media release clause (so you can film and photograph dog owners and/or dogs for use in your advertising, Youtube channel, website, etc…)


“Will It Work For
The Programs I Offer?”

Yes! There is a line in this contract that says, “Training program includes…” which is currently set up for 14 day Board & Train programs.

It’s easy to change. You’ll just delete and type whatever your training program includes.


Has this contract been tested in a court of law? No.

“I’ve never been sued… Perhaps because this contract is so damn good? I don’t know.”

I’ve had it looked over by an attorney in my state. I’d recommend you do so, too.

If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to have a regular attorney look over your contract, then you’ve likely underestimated the amount of startup capital you’ll need to get your new business off the ground and you’re setting yourself up for failure. Please… spend some time thinking about that.

But if you’re just a cheapskate, then I’d recommend using a service like LegalShield. (Not an affiliate link). It’s basically prepaid legal services that hook you up with a law firm in your state. As of today’s writing, it’s something like $39 a month and you can cancel after the first month I think. So, for less than a bag of dog food you can have an attorney in your state review this contract and make sure it complies with your state laws.

Trust me: Having an attorney in your state look over a contract that is already written is 100X cheaper than having him (or her) draft a contract from scratch.

Or you can just use it as-is. You’ll probably be fine.

Normal price: $79.97
For a limited time, get it for just: $49.97

** Contract is included in the following file formats for your convenience: MS Word (.docx), OpenOffice/LibreOffice (.odt), Rich Text File (.RTF), Plain Text File (.txt). Also included: The contract in PDF version, but this is for review only since you cannot modify the PDF.