Here’s How To Track & Record Every Call That Comes To Your Dog Training Business

Call tracking can be one of the most important tools in helping you grow your dog training business.

And the best part is: A call tracking phone number is cheap, cheap, cheap!

Well worth the investment.

It allows you to assign different phone number for each of your marketing tools: Your truck wrap, your business cards, your Facebook ads, your Google ads… pretty much anything you want. 

These call tracking numbers seamlessly pass the call to any phone you want: Your cell phone, your house phone or your virtual assistant’s phone. 

But more importantly they tell you what’s working and what’s not.

This is the heart of scientific advertising: Tracking. It’s what separates real business owners from hobbyists.

For example: 80% of Google users don’t know if they’re clicking on a paid ad, a Google directory listing or an organic SEO listing.

Asking every client just doesn’t cut it when you’re getting tons of leads every month. You need to be more scientific about it.

Not only will you know which ads are working and how well, but these call tracking numbers also record the call.

This is useful to make sure your staff is using the script you provide them and talking to your clients the way they should. And it’s also good if you’re learning how to pitch and you want to go back and listen to conversations later. To grow and to get better.

Back when I was running Google Ads campaigns for over 100 dog training businesses, we’d use 5 call tracking numbers for each client. That way we’d know which ad groups and campaigns were working best. 

Highly recommended.

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