Expert Google Ads Management – For Dog Trainers Only!

Get Desperate Dog Owners To Call You

Does This Really Work? Here’s What Other Dog Trainers Are Saying… ** Please note: Due to the “zero sum game” nature of Google Ads, I can only work with one dog training business per market (A market = A city or part of a large city). You may read testimonials and success stories on this page […]

A “Done For You” Dog Training Business Web Site

Dog Training Business Website Design

  World Renowned Dog Trainer Marketing Expert Will Build YouA Dog Training Business Website That Converts Cold Traffic Into Hot Leads– And You’ll Be Up & Running In Less Than 14 Days!     “Now You Can Use My Jealously Guarded, Market-TestedDog Training Business Website, Copy and Design To Get Desperate Dog Owners To Call You– […]

Mastering The In-Person Consultation: How To Get Paid What You’re (Really) Worth

The Dog Training Pitch

Mastering The In-Person Dog Training Consultation: How To Get Dog Owners To Pay What You’re (Really) Worth   Stop Struggling With What To Say And Use My Time-Tested Script To Become A Dog Training Sales Superstar! (You’ll Never Have To Guess What To Say During An In-Person Dog Training Consultation, Ever Again)   Carla said, […]

How To Book Dog Owners (On The Phone) For Your In-Person Consultations

No More Flakes!

The Quick & Easy Way To Book Dog Training Consultations Over The Phone… And Guarantee They Show Up If you’re not sure what to say when desperate dog owners call you, then this program is for you. It’s Like Peaking Over The ShoulderOf A Master Dog Trainer and Expert SalesmanWhile He Books A Dog Training […]

This Man Makes Over $200k A Month From His Dog Training Business!


From Living In His Car To Dog Training Millionaire… Jim Closson has an amazing story: He lost everything… twice. Then he went from (literally) living in his car to making over $200,000 a month with his dog training business. Yes… you read that correctly: $200,000+ a month training dogs! And he did it in Boise, […]

A Dog Training Flyer That Gets ‘Em To Call

What If $25 Worth Of Flyers (Placed Strategically Around Your City) Could Bring You Over $4,000 In Dog Training Clients? I was on vacation walking around the city with my wife. Not my city, but another city. One of the famous ones with a river walk and trendy restaurants. We stopped into a frou-frou pet […]

Dog Training Contract (It’s Already Been Reviewed By A Lawyer!)

Dog Training Contract

Use This Dog Training Business Contract  To Cover Your Tail… This is the very same contract I’ve used for years with my own dog training companies. Never had a problem with it. Some of the features that make this contract stand out: A check box affirming that client’s dog has all its shots and vaccinations. […]

How You Can Become A Dog Training Social Media Sensation Like Larry Krohn

“Is It Possible To Make A Six-Figure Part-Time Income Training Dogs… Without Paying For Advertising?”   Larry Krohn does. He makes six figures a year from his one-person dog training business… and he only works at it part time! (He’s a federal law enforcement agent when he’s not training dogs!) And he does all of […]